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We Remember

Members of the family served with pride and honour in World War II. Here we remember their contribution and sacrifice.

Olga Mary Neubronner
(8.10.1 on the Family Tree)

Photo courtesy of The Straits Times, 27 April, 1939

"In Memory of Olga Mary Neubronner C.M.B., S.R.N.; Senior Superintendent, S.J.A.B. (Singapore). Daughter of Isabelle Beatrice Gunner, of Forest View, Bush Hill Road, Winchmore Hill, Middlesex, and of the late Charles Gunner; wife of Capt. Guy Vyvian Neubronner, S.S.V.F. at Muntok, Banka Island.who died as a result of enemy action on Friday, 2nd March 1945. Age 39. Commemorated in the SUMATRA Section of the Civilian War Dead Register."

                                                                                                                   Thanks to Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Much has been written about a selected few Australian and British nurses who were interned by the Japanese at Banka Island. In fact, a movie entitled "Paradise Road" (see picture) immortalised their bravery.

In truth, there were many more unheralded nurses who suffered as much but did not survive. Olga was one of them.

Read more about her at on Olga

Guy Vyvian Neubronner, S.S.V.F. (8.10.1 on the Family Tree)
Photo courtesy of The Straits Times, 27 April, 1939

Thanks to testimony from authors: Jonathan Moffatt and Ron Mitchell

Guy was the husband of Olga (above) and a veteran of WW1 having experienced battles on the Western Front. In pre-WW2 years, as a Lieutenant, Guy served as second-in-command of the Intelligence Platoon S.S.V.F. When Singapore fell to the Japanese, Guy and Ron Mitchell were one of thousands sent to the Thai-Burma railway. Ron remembers having much respect for Guy who took the trouble to visit his fellow POWs and care for their welfare. Both survived their ordeal and returned to Singapore. Guy was promoted to Captain at the end of the war.

Robert Louis Neubronner
(8.11.1 on the Family Tree)

Photo courtesy of Bronwyn Williams

"In Memory of Staff Sergeant ROBERT LOUIS NEUBRONNER Royal Engineers who died aged 43 on Thursday, 8th April 1943. Staff Sergeant NEUBRONNER was the son of Ernest W. and Abigail Neubronner; husband of Dorothy Lillian Neubronner. Brit. Remembered with honour."

Robert is buried at the Yokohama War Cemetery having been shipped to Japan as a POW.
                                                                     Thanks to Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Barbara Constance Neubronner ( on the Family Tree)


Thanks to Cyril Neubronner for his contribution ( on the Family Tree)

During the Japanese invasion of Malaya in 1942, Barbara was a nurse in the Johore Bahru hospital. While many fled to the percieved safety of Singapore, Barbara remained to tend to the scores of wounded being evacuated South. She and many other Eurasians eventually sought refuge in the home of the manager of a rubber estate in Ulu Tiram (Johore). There, they were all massacred by the invading Japanese. Those massacered were buried in a mass grave somewhere in the rubber estate the site of which is lost today.

Douglas Walter Neubronner ( on the Family Tree)

Photo courtesy of Barry Neubronner

Douglas was a vetran of WWI having served at sea. During WWII, Douglas was a Lieutenant in the Malayan Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. and was taken prisoner after the fall of Singapore. He was interned at the infamous Matsushima POW Camp in Japan but survived.

Walter Winfred Neubronner ( on the Family Tree)

In the immediate post war period, documents on the war crimes trials features Walter as being a witness to the atrocities committed during the Japanese occupation. Amoung others, his testimony contributed to the conviction of the Japanese officer, Sumida Haruzo, for the torture and murder of Dr. C.A. Stanley, a British POW in Changi Camp. Accounts of his testimony are found in “The Trial of Sumida Haruzo & 20 others (The Double Tenth Trial)” by Sumida Haruzo and edited by Bashir A. Mallal in 1947.

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