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Neubronners' in the Far East

Hi! I'm Errol Neubronner and I'm responsible for this site.


I welcome feedback and any new information on the family. Stories and photographs will be well recieved especially from family members and historians.


Write to me at:


Many thanks to all who contributed to this site and have assisted me in my research. In particular, a special thanks to my German cousin Rudolf Neubronner who is responsible for initiating the research on the descendants of Johann Anton. Rudolf traveled to several countries including Holland, England, Malaysia and Singapore. Together with his son Claus, they constructed a fairly detailed structure of the Far East family.

In 1999, took on the task of expanding the research. A few corrections and many additions were made. In addition to names and dates, I wanted to add character to our ancestors. Who were they? What did they achieve? How did they live?

Regarding Johann Anton himself, much was obtained from the letters he wrote home. Copies of these were given to me by Ernst Neubronner and translated by Gerd Neubronner, two more very close German cousins. More information on J.A. was obtained from Dutch records in Malacca and The Hague. Invaluable assistance was given by my good friends Dennis DeWitt and Tan Siok Choo.


Significant contributions to this site also came from:


Barry Neubronner for his contributions on descendants of Louis Neubronner.

The Sabah family for the Sabah family tree.

Andrew Lo Vun Bin for data on Fredrick Saxby Neubronner.

Khoo Salma Nasution for data on the Penang family.

Glynnis Neubronner for revelations on Henry Alfred and his family.

Family members who contributed their family trees.


Other credits may be found on the relevant pages in this site.

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