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2nd Generation

Children of Johann Anton and Catharina Koek





Johann Anton aka Anthony

23 Aug 1794 in Malacca



Johann Christian aka John/Christian

23 Aug 1794 in Malacca

29 Aug 1862 in Malacca

Maria Koek

Fridric Joseph aka Joseph

10 July 1796 in Malacca

6 Oct 1847 in Malacca

Catharine Moser


2 Jan 1798 in Malacca

6 Mar 1845 in Surabaya

Sefridus van der Tuuk


1800 in Malacca

13 Mar 1838 in Malacca

Abraham Kraal

Thomas aka Tom

5 Jul 1804 in Malacca

25 May 1880. Buried at Bukit Serindit Cemetery in Malacca

1. Maria Valberg -Ropman (widow)     
2. Clementine Penaud

Maria Antonetta aka Mary/Annette/Anna

Born 12 Nov 1806 in Malacca

18 August 1887. Buried at Northam Road Cemetery in Penang

Governor William Thomas Lewis


7 Aug 1808 in Malacca

30 April 1879.

Buried at Bukit Serindit Cemetery in Malacca

1. Petronella Bodensteyn

2. Helen Hartman


2 Mar 1810 in Malacca

23 Mar 1891 at Malacca

1. Elizabeth Baumgarten

2. Eliza Koek

Through personal endevor and by marraige, the family grew to be amoung the most influential in Malacca.

The Neubronner - Koek Connection


Adriaan Koek was a prominent Dutch burgher whose sister was married to the Dutch governor Abraham Couperus. Koek was engaged in trade and shipping and owned considerable landed property in the vicinity of the Malacca town. He exercised a strong personal influence among several of the Malay rulers. The Sultan of Johor appointed him as his agent with power of attorney to collect all land taxes on the west coast of mainland Johor and northward as far as the boundary with Melaka. He was described as 'Captain of the Civil Guards' in 1808, when he was granted more land by the British governor, William Farquhar. With the arrival in August 1818 of the Dutch governor-designate, Timmerman Thyssen, who was his nephew by marriage, Koek inevitably became a key figure in the new administration holding a rank next to the Governor. He was the new governor's new right-hand man and eventually became acting governor himself in 1823. Koek was also President of the Melaka Court of Justice from 1812 to 1824. The Neubronner - Koek connection was established from the start with the marriage of Johann Anton to Adriaan’s sister Catharina. J.A. himself had attained positions of influence as a member to Court of Judicature and later, President of the Orphan Chamber. His sons, Johann Christian and Daniel also married into the Koek family.


The Neubronner - Lewis Connection


Maria Antonetta married William Thomas Lewis of the British administration in 1827. W.T. Lewis was to become the governor of Malacca and later of Penang. Prior to these appointments, he also held positions of influence in Malacca as Head of the Land Department, President of the Orphan Chamber from 1827-1835, Justice of Peace from 1829-1830, Police Commissioner in 1830 and Police Magistrate on 1831 at Malacca.


The Neubronner - Van Der Tuuk Connection


Louisa married Sefridus Van Der Tuuk in 1823. He was a member of the Court of Judicature and President of the Orphan Chamber in Malacca from 1822-1825. The family moved to Surabaya in 1826 where Sefridus became President of the Court of Judicature there. Their son, Dr. Hermann Neubronner Van Der Tuuk became one of the most renowned linguist in Indonesia whose works are still being studied today.


Thomas Neubronner


In 1826, Thomas was assistant to governor Garling in Malacca. He went on to be Justice of Peace. In 1871, he was also the Secretary of the Municipal Commissioners and Police Magistrate. His son, Alfred Dewindt Neubronner moved to Penang to became the Consul of Siam and Agent of the Perak Government. He was also the Chief Coroner in Penang. Alfred's only son, Henry Alfred Neubronner became one of Penang's most famous architects and also Consul of Siam. One of Alfred's daughters, Catharine Louisa Neubronner married Sir Henri Deterding, the pioneer and CEO of Royal Dutch Shell Company.


Neubronner & Company - Malacca


Several of the Neubronner brothers (Thomas, Joseph, Louis and Daniel)formed this trading company in 1839 which was to dominate the tin trade in the region for many years. They were one of the major creditors of Sultan Muhammad of Selangor and were dominant in trade with the Chieftan of Linggi and in the Sungei Ujong area. 

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