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Family Timeline

Listed below is a timeline sequence of selected family occurances from the time Johann Anton Neubronner arrived in Malacca in 1789 until 1919.

1789     Johan Anton Neubronner (JA) arrives at Malacca around Nov/Dec. Malacca was under Dutch rule at this time. JA sought the permission of Governor Abraham Couperus to remain and work for the VOC. Meanwhile, in France, the French Revolution had just begun and would last until 1802.

1793     JA marries Catharina Koek on 6 Oct in Malacca.

1794     Twins Johann Anton Neubronner (Anthony) & Johann Christian Neubronner (JC) are born to JA & Catharina on 23 Aug in Malacca.

1795     JA is promoted to bookkeeper for the VOC. In this year, the Dutch surrender Malacca to the British on a temporary basis by agreement.

1796     Fredrick Joseph Neubronner (Joseph) is born to JA & Catharina on 10 Jul in Malacca.

1798     Louisa Neubronner is born to J.A. & Catharina on 2 Jan in Malacca.

1800     Henriette Neubronner is born to JA & Catharina in Malacca. This year also marks the beginning of the Napoleonic Wars which last until 1815.

1804     Thomas Neubronner is born to JA & Catharina on 5 Jul in Malacca.

1806     Maria Antonetta Neubronner is born to JA & Catharina on 12 Nov in Malacca.

1807     British destroy the Malacca Fort.

1808     JA becomes President of the Orphan Chamber. Louis Neubronner is born to JA & Catharina on 7 Aug in Malacca. In this year, Britain abolishes slavery.

1810     Daniel Neubronner is born to JA & Catharina on 2 Mar in Malacca.

1815     JA dies in Malacca.

1818     British return Malacca to the Dutch.

1819     Stamford Raffles acquires Singapore for the British.

1823     Louisa Neubronner weds Sefridus van der Tuuk, Judge Advocate and President of the Orphan Chamber from 1822-1825. In this year, Adriaan Koek, brother-in-law of JA is Acting Governor of Malacca.

1824     Hermann Neubronner van der Tuuk, renowned linguist, is born to Louisa & Sefridus on 23 Feb in Malacca. In this year, Malacca is seeded to British in exchange for Bencoolen.

1826     Penang, Malacca and Singapore (the Straits Settlements) are combined as a single British Presidency with the HQ in Penang. Samuel Garling becomes Resident Councillor of Malacca until 1836. Thomas Neubronner becomes assistant to Garling. Louisa & family (the van der Tuuks) migrate to Surabaya.

1827     Maria Antonetta Neubronner weds William Thomas Lewis, the future Resident Councillor of Malacca and Penang.

1831     Thomas Neubronner & W.T. Lewis are involved in the 1st Naning War in Malacca.

1836     Thomas Neubronner weds Clementina Penaud on 6 Apr in Malacca. Daniel Neubronner weds Maria Baumgarten in Malacca. Sefridus van der Tuuk becomes President of the Court of Judicature in Surabaya until his retirement in 1848. Samuel Morse invents the telegraph. The Battle of the Alamo.

1839     Neubronner & Co. Traders is formed in Jonker Street, Malacca. Several of the Neubronner brothers, Thomas, Joseph, Louis and Daniel formed this trading company which was to dominate the tin trade in the region for many years. They were one of the major creditors of Sultan Muhammad of Selangor and were dominant in trade with the Chieftan of Linggi and in the Sungei Ujong area.

1840      Maria Antonetta & family move to Penang as husband, W.T. Lewis becomes Assistant Resident Councilor in Penang.

1842     Joseph Neubronner is Deputy Sheriff until his death in 1847. In this year, the British annex Hong Kong.

1843     Hermann Neubronner van der Tuuk, son of Louisa obtains his BA from University of Groningen. W.T. Lewis is sent back to Malacca in a temperory post as Resident Councillor until 1844. In 1846, he is sent again in the same post until 1848.

1844     Alfred Dewindt Neubronner, future Siamese Consul is born to Thomas Neubronner & Clementina on 26 Mar in Malacca.

1849     Catharina, wife of JA dies in Malacca. A memorial tablet is erected in her honour at Christ Church. The Family home at 111 Hereen Street is sold after 45 years of residence.

1851     Between 1851-1857 Hermann Neubronner van der Tuuk lived and worked as a representative of the Dutch Bible Society among the Bataks in Sumatra. There he collected the data for the compilation of a dictionary and a grammar of the Batak language. He spent the period 1857-1868 in Holland collating his collected materials and so produced several books, including a dictionary of the Batak language (Bataksch-Nederduitsch woordenboek, 1861), four volumes of reading materials (Bataksch leesboek, 1860-1862), and his famous grammar of the Toba Batak language (Tobasche spraakkunst, 1864-1867) in two volumes.

1855     W.T. Lewis becomes Resident Councillor in Penang until his retirement in 1860.

1859     James D. Johnston meets the Neubronner family in Malacca on 5 Apr. In his book "China & Japan" Chap 9; he writes "The crême de la crême of society, the Neubronners and the Baumgartens proposed to lift us in the social scale by their notice, and we were, of course, greatly elated by their notice,..." Johnston was the future Captain of the ironclad ship "CSS Tennessee" - the flagship of Admiral Buchanan in the famous battle of Mobile Bay during the American Cival War.

1861     Dr. Hermann Neubronner van der Tuuk receives his PHD. In this year, the American Civil War begins and lasts until 1865. The battle of Mobile Bay occurred on 5 Aug 1864.

1866     Alfred Dewindt Neubronner weds French widow Angelique Marie DeSouza nee Arnott in Malacca.

1868     In 1868 the Bible Society sent Dr. Hermann Neubronner van der Tuuk once more to the Dutch East Indies where he was based in BulŠlŠng in Bali. From 1870 he worked on his studies of the Balinese language. Between 1873 and 1894 Hermann worked for the Dutch East Indian government, employed by the Department of Education, Religion and Industry. During this period he concentrated on the compilation of an extensive dictionary. The result was his four-volume Kawi-Balineesch-Nederlandsch woordenboek (1894-1912) which, however, was only published after his death.

1871     Henry Alfred Neubronner, future renowned architect in Penang and Siamese Consul is born to Alfred Dewindt Neubronner & Angelique Marie on 19 Apr in Malacca.

1872     Catharine Louisa Neubronner, future wife of Sir Henri Deterding is born to Alfred Dewindt Neubronner & Angelique Marie on 6 May in Malacca. 

1876     Alfred Dewindt Neubronner becomes Siamese Consul and Agent for the Perak government. In this year Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone.

1879     Louis Neubronner dies in Malacca. A memorial tablet is erected in his honour at Christ Church.

1894     Catharine Louisa Neubronner weds H.W.A. Deterding in Penang, the future Sir Henri Deterding, pioneer and CEO of Royal Dutch Shell Company. Also in this year, Dr. Hermann Neubronner van der Tuuk falls ill with dysentery in Bali and is transferred to Surabaya where he dies.

1895     Alfred Dewindt Neubronner is conferred the rank of Phra by King Chulalongkom of Siam.

1897     Henri Detering joins Royal Dutch Petroleum Company (KNPM) and the Deterding family moves to Amsterdam.

1898     Henry Alfred Neubronner is recorded as playing soccer for England vs France in Paris.

1899     Henry Alfred Neubronner returns to Penang as a Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects. Together with Alan Wilson, "Wilson & Neubronner Architects and Civil Engineers" is established. In the next 15 years, they proceed to build many of the famous buildings in Penang including the main minaret of the Kapitan Keling Mosque.

     Henri Detering is appointed director general of KNPM and managering director of Asiatic Petroleum Company. The family move to London.

 1907     Sir Henri Deterding pioneers the Royal Dutch Shell Company as its first CEO.

 1909     Alfred Dewindt Neubronner is conferred the rank of Phya Dwip Siamkitch by King Chulalongkom of Siam. It is the highest rank bestowed on a civilian foreigner.

1914     WWI begins and lasts until 1918.

1915     Alfred Dewindt Neubronner dies in Penang.

1916     Catharine Louisa Neubronner, wife of Sir Henri Deterding dies in the UK.

1919     Henry Alfred Neubronner dies in Singapore.

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